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Mayukh Maitra


Mayukh is a visionary and compassionate entrepreneur who believes in the transformative power of data science and artificial intelligence for humanity. He envisions a civilization in which data-driven solutions assist people in addressing societal concerns. From a young age, he was fascinated by how technology could tackle complex social problems. "I saw the immense possibilities that data science and AI could offer to uplift communities and create a better future for all," he says. Mayukh studied data science and AI because he was fascinated by data and its ability to change things. Using his technical skills and compassion, he utilized data to benefit society. He co-founded the "TogetherThrive Foundation," a trailblazing non-profit, with the conviction that data is the language of development and that we have an ethical responsibility to use it for the greater good. Mayukh recognized the need for legal education and social empowerment in his technological efforts. He believes that education gives people the ability to tackle social injustices. "When people are empowered with knowledge, they gain the courage to speak out against injustice," he adds. According to studies, women in India have less than 50% correct general awareness and knowledge of the legal status of abortion. Recognizing such large discrepancies, Mayukh's determination to harness AI for social good and create a more fair society led to the establishment of the TogetherThrive Foundation, which aims to empower individuals and overcome the legal awareness gap. Mayukh envisions a civilization where everyone is legally aware and socially empowered through AI and machine learning. He intends to use technology and data to bridge the knowledge gap in legal understanding, particularly in areas such as women's rights.

Author Posts

01 Aug 2023

There is no doubt that women have made considerable progress in the workplace in today's world. However, many women's professions are hampered by emotional and mental health concerns.

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14 Nov 2023

At Together Thrive, our mission is to illuminate the path to women's empowerment by raising awareness of women's rights in India.

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20 Nov 2023

Together Thrive Foundation is a ray of hope, promoting the cause of women's rights and working to establish a society in which every woman can live, work, and prosper without fear of mental harassment.

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04 Jan 2024

Together Thrive Foundation, which promotes a culture of equality and empowerment, continues to raise awareness about women's rights in India.

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08 Jun 2024

We are writing to draw attention to a critical legal issue concerning the rights of tribal women in India.

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13 Jul 2024

Did you know that you are entitled to stay separately from your husband without taking divorce from him?

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