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Surabhi Sinha


As a passionate individual immersed in the realm of generative AI, Surabhi has dedicated her journey to exploring the very essence of innovation. She pushes the limits of productivity and creativity by grasping the transformative power of technology and uses cutting-edge AI solutions to transform the industry and empower society, driven by excellence. Surabhi, a talented and educated technologist, has had several exceptional events that have influenced her journey. Despite her tremendous achievements, she has had to endure discouraging societal encounters. Nita Bhalla, a caring women's rights champion, knows how much fear of harassment and violence affects women's lives. She recognizes that this fear inhibits their skills and rights. Surabhi is determined to build a world where women can thrive and be socially empowered. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts on how “The first step in achieving justice is to make injustice visible” she co-founded TogetherThrive Foundation with a passion to create a more equitable and just society, where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. This project uses AI to create a legally and socially empowered community. She wants to establish a world where solidarity prevails so no one, especially women, goes through the judicial system alone. With TogetherThrive, Surabhi is pursuing her lifelong passion for social empowerment and legal knowledge. Her goal is to build a community where people support and uplift each other. Surabhi's incredible journey shows her deep belief in compassion and her steadfast dedication to a better future for all. She has become a thought leader by inspiring others to innovate and pursue a better future with her enthusiasm and knowledge of technology. Her journey has also been featured in multiple media publications. Surabhi's tireless advocacy for advancement has revealed the route to a world where possibilities are boundless and technology transforms for the benefit of all.

Author Posts

12 Dec 2023

Laws for women in India hold paramount significance due to their pivotal role in shaping a society that champions equality, dignity, and safety for all its members.

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13 Dec 2023

Together Thrive Foundation is a beacon of knowledge, disseminating information regarding the legal safeguards available to women in India.

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22 Jun 2024

The belief that women had no right to property persisted until they were recognized as equal members.

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